Meet the Clinical Team


Clinical Director and Co-Founder

Alina_B2GAlina Gastesi-de Armas, MA, MEd, LMHC

Clinical Director/Co-Founder

In private practice for over 15 years, Alina has worked extensively with individuals, couples and families struggling with addictions, mental health, life transition, and relationship issues.

Recently, she has received extensive training in Core Issues Therapy. Alina has designed an exclusive program of therapy to treat a wide range of issues, including addictions, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and trauma. This program is designed to assist every fiber of your being in making a full and long lasting recovery.”

CristinaTina Rincon – Certified Professional Recovery Coach

CFO and Co-Founder

After years of successful business ownership and operation, Tina Rincon decided to shift her focus to a cause she is deeply passionate about. Thus, Tina’s personal connection to serving individuals and families affected by addiction is the primary inspiration behind the A Bridge to Growth vision and mission.

Tina graduated from the Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela with a Master’s Degree in Child Development and Psychology. She is certified as a Professional Recovery Coach, Family Recovery Coach, Anger Management Professional and trained in extensive Relapse Prevention techniques.

Her overall goal remains to preserve and enhance the A Bridge to Growth experience for each and every client.


Dr. Thania Quesada, MD

Medical Director

As the Medical Director of sSeed A Bridge to Growth, Dr. Thania Quesada, provides day-to-day medical review and consulting services that pertain to clinical activities and programs focused on the management of clients with behavioral health disorders. She works closely with our Clinical Director, case managers and other staff to facilitate care for clients with substance abuse recovery needs as well as mental health issues, combined physical and behavioral disorders. Dr. Quesada consults with A Bridge to Growth’s team on the design and implementation of the program as well as engages community providers to provide the quality of care the client deserve.

Dr. Quesada is a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and a former Assistant Professor at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine as well as a consultation liaison at Jackson Memorial Hospital. While in this position, Dr. Quesada worked with psychiatric patients with severe medical illnesses. As the former Medical Director at the Renfrew Center of Florida, Dr. Quesada treated woman with eating disorders and its comorbidities. Dr. Quesada has also served as the medical director at Jewish adoption and foster care option, which works with teens with mental health and substance abuse issues all the while concentrating on family preservation.

As the medical director at Smith Community Mental Health, Dr. Quesada dedicated herself to the treatment of teens with mental health and substance abuse issues. Dr. Quesada served as the Medical Director at Johns Place, where she exclusively to treated the mental health and substance abuse issues for the Seminole tribe of Florida.

In 2013, Dr. Quesada was the awarded the Gratitude for Giving Compassion Award from Sierra Tucson. This award is given to the medical doctor that has contributed most to the wellness of their clients. In 2010 Dr. Quesada was the recipient of The Gold Doc award for putting CARE back into healthcare and in 1996-she received the Upjohn Award for Research Excellence.

Dr. Quesada brings a vast wealth of experience to Seedlings and A Bridge to Growth as well as the recognition from her colleagues in her field for her caring and compassionate service in the areas of substance abuse and mental health.


Andrea Baskin, MS

Primary Therapist

Andrea Baskin, M.S, is a primary therapist at A Bridge to Growth. Andrea earned her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from NOVA Southeastern University.

Andrea is bilingual in English and Spanish and has many years of professional and personal experience in the mental health and substance abuse field. Andrea has been trained in several modalities such as the 12-step model, Core Issues Therapy and psychodrama with a main focus in experiential techniques to help clients resolve core issues.


Toby Bass, RD, LND

Toby Bass has been practicing in the field of nutrition and dietetics for more than twenty years and has worked in substance abuse for the past ten years. She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Association.

Her training at Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami has provided her the expertise to counsel and instruct patients with various medical conditions including eating disorders, body image disorders, bariatric surgery, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity.

Toby provides nutrition interventions and programs based on the specific needs of the individual. Clients are taught how to implement a change in their lifestyle through a personalized nutrition program consisting of meal plans, menus, cooking techniques and educational materials. She draws from her previous athletic background to empower each client and attain success with their nutritional goals. She collaborates and helps to develop healthy, well rounded meals and menus.

Toby believes that addiction recovery begins with a change in lifestyle including exercise and nutrition to create balance. Her philosophy is that a shift to healthy eating behaviors and lifestyles during treatment is critical to a successful, sustainable recovery. Toby feels the best time to start a healthy shift is with the next meal!