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We’ve seen so many individuals succeed that it would be foolish to allow fear, negativity and judgment to guide our treatment style. Our clients are fully capable human beings, who with the right motivation and guidance, are well on their way toward restoring their lives, passion and commitments. We are humbled by the opportunity to be a part of your journey and are with you every step of the way.


We find that our clients and families suffer from an overall lack of momentum from internalizing feelings of “failure” and “hopelessness”. We work to resupply this lost energy to help kick start the recovery engine and ignite our client’s intrinsic desire to live their very best life.


Our clinical and medical staff have decades of experience in the field of addiction treatment. We have adapted our program to include the most modern and effective therapeutic methods currently available. Additionally, each member of our team believes in the concept of “accepted” rather than “forced” recovery – meaning that our role is to provide the right environment and tools to motivate our clients toward the answers that make sense for their individual process.


We cover all of the bases to ensure a complete, all-encompassing treatment experience. We focus on all dimensions of wellness from emotional and spiritual to social and physical and everything in between. Our goal is to have our clients feeling significantly closer to whole before they return home.

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