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We offer our clients a unique healing and growing experience

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Our approach addresses each element of the wellness process

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Our team is fully bilingual. We treat clients in English or Spanish

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What Make Us Unique?

  • Offer clients an opportunity to create their own unique healing and growing experience.
  • Our philosophy is founded in the belief of addiction as the result of deeper, underlying core issues.
  • We help you heal the wounds of your past by focusing our attention to the present.
  • We offer a multi-dimensional curriculum to increase awareness and heal their afflictions.
  • Our team is fully bilingual. We treat clients in English or Spanish.
  • We offer drug and alcohol treatment in Spanish.

Addiction Treatment Center

Providing Hope & Guidance to Countless Patients in Broward County

Are you searching for someone who can offer you lasting help from your anxiety or addictions? Is your past holding you back and keeping you from reaching your full potential? At A Bridge to Growth, we are a drug and alcohol treatment center in Weston, FL that is dedicated to providing you with programs for recovery. Call our Weston office at (877) 223-3423 to find out more!

We offer various programs for the following issues:

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Substance abuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Prescription drug dependency
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Whether your struggles have haunted you for many years or a short time, our professional therapists will help you to discover and fight the specific things that are pulling you down! We understand that success depends on a firm and caring approach, with an effective plan for change. Our programs and fully bilingual team provide consistent help for patients throughout the Broward County and South Florida areas.

The Journey Toward Living Your Best Life Begins With One Single Step

Every part of our program has been carefully formed by our professional staff. We reject certain aspects of traditional treatment, such as the idea that change can be forced upon the patient. Instead, we firmly believe that in order for real transformation to take place, you must be the one to choose that you truly want to change for the better.

Many aspects of our treatment center make us stand out, such as:

  • A unique healing and growing experience
  • Focus on the underlying issues behind your addiction
  • Multi-dimensional curriculum to increase awareness and healing
  • A skilled and caring staff focused entirely on you

Although change can painful, no real improvement can happen until you are willing to do what it takes. We treat you with the utmost respect and care. You can be sure we will be with you every step of the way. Talk to our staff today to learn about our free estimates and to set up an appointment! Call our drug and alcohol treatment center in Broward County at (877) 223-3423.