Our Approach

Our philosophy challenges the traditional, often confrontational paradigms of addiction treatment by offering clients an opportunity to create their own unique healing and growing experience in a permission-based setting.

Our Mission

To help ignite and grow our clients’ intrinsic desire to resolve underlying core issues that often present themselves as addictions and provide the momentum they need to begin living their best lives now.

Each element of our experience is crafted with conscious purpose and intention. Through dynamic clinical techniques and approaches, we help clients achieve healing in a way that makes sense for them and their surrounding support system.

Our Vision

To cultivate and deliver the highest quality of addiction treatment available through a multi-dimensional curriculum that affords individuals and families the opportunity to increase their awareness and heal their afflictions from the inside out.

Our philosophy is founded in the belief of addiction as the result of deeper, underlying core issues. And thus, we believe the most permanent, effective, and efficient way to heal, is to figure out the why behind the addictive behaviors. Whether you are dealing with an undiagnosed chemical imbalance, or having difficulty resolving deep seated issues from your past, The Seedling's individualized treatment style will help to uncover the source behind your substance abuse.

Also, We Specialize in Teenage Substance Abuse



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